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Joint Presidents' and CEOs' video

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Joint CEOs
Value through focus and discipline
2018 was a watershed year for Sasol, as we refined our corporate strategy to drive sustainable value creation, sharpened our focus to leverage our core strengths, while embedding increased discipline in how we allocate capital.

Chairman's statement

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Paul Victor

Paul Victor
Chief Financial Officer


Drive improved cash generation through the business cycle

Sharpen focus in applying disciplined capital allocation framework and approach

Return value to shareholders following a more balanced approach

Achieve value-based growth through optimal capital structure

Leveraging growth through our global presence

Our diversified revenue base which covers different geographies, sectors and currencies remains a strong component of our ability to endure shifting oil and chemical price cycles.

31 270 employees worldwide in
32 countries
More than 7 million tons of chemical products sold per annum sold to
>8 000 customers across 130 countries
Number of worldwide patents
2 409
North america
North America

Advancing Lake Charles Chemicals Project (LCCP) 88% complete, steam system went into commissioning in July 2018

Our 50% joint venture High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plant reached beneficial operation in November 2017


ORYX GTL strong production performance utilisation rate at 95%

South africa
South Africa

Successfully commissioned the Fischer Tropsch Wax Expansion Project

Started the world's largest oxygen production unit with a total production capacity of 5 000 tons of oxygen per day in Secunda

Secured additional mining rights, ensuring sufficient coal reserves to supply Secunda to 2050

399 Sasol Retail Convenience Centres, opened 12 new sites in 2018


We will start-up our new ethoxylation facility in the second half of 2019 which will increase output twofold and expand our global presence


Completed alumina expansion in Brunsbüttel which increased Sasol's capacity by approximately 13 000 tons per annum


Completed drilling campaign in PSA licence area in Mozambique

Maintained stable gas production at PPA facilities in Mozambique



Localisation and local content
Employment opportunities
Environmental compliance and transparency

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